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Our Team - Active Physio Centre

Active Physio Centre is a unique establishment which caters for all injuries. Utilizing modern training equipment with qualified staff, patients are able to undergo complete rehabilitation within one comfortable and safe complex. We provide physiotherapy services to MVA patients, private individuals, sportsmen and women, those who have suffered personal injury, perhaps work related, or maybe due to a road traffic accident. Our therapists and staff are dedicated to giving back to the community whenever possible.

Our skilled Physiotherapists offer a variety of treatment techniques to help our patients return to optimal mobility and physical function. Our Physiotherapists are constantly adding to their knowledge by taking new courses and adding to their education each year. Active Physio Centre is your one stop Physio practice, where we pride ourselves on our quality Physio services offering the best service possible. Active Physio Centre has spread across Canada and offers varieties of services like chiropractic treatments, massage therapy to help you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. Our success is determined by our patient's satisfaction, progress and well-being. We hope you enjoy your stay and you find the information you are looking for, if not please don't hesitate to contact us.